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Health and Safety
Before you travel, it is important to share your permanent disabilities or chronic conditions with your travel agent when making your booking. Bring along any devices you could depend on. Also bring a good supply of all medications you are dependent on. Back these up with a valid prescription in case Customs requests for clarifications or if you need to refill.

Avoid traveling through countries in which dangerous diseases have been reported.

Also be careful where you eat and drink. Registered food and beverage outlets in the country are usually safe. Avoid raw fruit and vegetables from uncertain sources.

If you require medical attention, please alert your host. Most tourist resorts have in-house first aid centers and/or house doctors.

Exercise caution when diving, snorkeling and swimming. Follow correct procedure, use proper equipment and follow any directives given by instructors.

Being cautious and sensible is what makes it a safe and enjoyable holiday.
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