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Resorts and Hotels
A tourist resort in the Maldives is usually an island by itself, dedicated to the enjoyment and experience of its own guest. Most of the well-reputed resorts in the country have to its own private beach. Each island has its own house reef which itself is a coral garden and natural aquarium. The shallow water enclosed by this reef is a large natural swimming pool.

Each resort is usually carefully landscaped with the natural vegetation thoughtfully preserved. The only man-made edifices would be the guest rooms and suites, restaurants, café’s, shops, lounges, bars, discos, diving schools, staff lodgings logistical service areas, etc.

Within this microenvironment, most resorts offer guest with so much to experience. This includes air-conditioning, hot and cold fresh water round the clock, private telephone, in-house cable television, good restaurants, well-stocked bars, souvenir shops and various sports facilities. Diving schools and related services also serves as additions.

In short, a tourist resort offers everything a typical guest needs to experience on a tropical island holiday!
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